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Sales Manager - Leisure and Travel

  • Hồ Chí Minh
  • Quản lý
  • Nhân viên chính thức
  • Đại học
  • 1 - 3 Năm
  • Lương thỏa thuận
  • 30/07/2024

Mô Tả Công Việc

Position Summary


The primary responsibility of the Leisure and Travel Sales Manager of The Grand Ho Tram Property is to manage and implement the overall sales plan for the Leisure and Travel Sales Department. Promote and contract group and individual tour business, leisure groups, customers, and sales events for the local The Grand Ho Tram property to maximize hotel occupancy.  All responsibilities are to be performed in accordance with departmental and company policies, practices and procedures, as well as within the framework and intent of the Vision of The Grand Ho Tram .



§ Work with Director of Sales to implement short and long range goals, objectives, policies and corporate driven operating procedures.  Proactively communicate guidelines for staff that shapes the unparalleled standards expected.  

§ Develop, prioritize, and implement proactive and reactive sales action plan.  Coordinate sales selling cycle and methodology.

§ Create and execute a sales strategy to meet the production requirements from the Leisure and Travel segments consistent with the hotel’s group rate and production goals.

§ Identify market trends and develop strategic and tactical recommendations to the Director of Sales.

§ Monitor developments in Social Media commerce and make recommendations to the Director of Sales as to how to best leverage those channels.

§ Provide research for developing plans which identify marketing opportunity, direct and web-based marketing and new project development.

§ Oversee the contracting process and maintain relationships with customers under the Leisure and Travel segments.

§ Consults with representatives of client group or organization to plan details.

§ Compiles estimated costs, submit input on final budget, track budget statistics and prepares management reports.  Assist with analysis for improvement in effectiveness of sales, methods, costs and results.

§ Oversee facility and equipment in the responsible areas to make sure they are in complete working order.

§ Recommend/implement incentive programs in each department that addresses reducing costs or increasing revenues and meets company’s budgetary guidelines.

§ Projects monthly forecasts; produces regular and special reports; maintains required records and files.

§ Maintain excellent working relationships with Key Wholesalers.

§ Represent The Grand Ho Tram Strip at community functions and business meetings to promote company and hotel.

§ Support all hotel and corporate wide training, guest relations, branding and cultural indicatives.

§ Provide input in recruiting, training and evaluating performance of Leisure and Travel sales team members under direct supervision.  To ensure staff delivers a first-class service with unmatched elegance and professionalism while promoting a culture of accountability.  

§ Propose staff changes in assigned areas, including the hiring, promotion, demotion, and vacations, leaves of absence and release of staff.

§ Creates an encouraging atmosphere that stimulates and motivates employees to acceptable levels of turnover, absenteeism, and promotions.

§ Maintains close work relationships with other departments and their leaders to promote feedback, cross training and efficient operations.  


Yêu Cầu Công Việc

§ Two – Four years working experience required.

§ One- year management experience required.

§ One -year department experience preferred.

§ Bachelor degree is required and Higher Education is preferred.

§ Proven experience with computers and business software.

§ Must present a well-groomed appearance.

§ Ability to communicate fluently in the primary language of the workplace both verbally and nonverbally.  Fluent in English is encourage/required (depending on guest contact level).

§ Exceptional and professional communication skills, both oral and written.

§ Proven successful sales record.  Ability to structure sales quota goals and revenue expectations while creating measurable results.

§ Familiarity with statistical reports.

§ Ability to implement strategic plans.

§ Prior experience with contracting, negotiating and change management.

§ Knowledge of market segmentation, yield and inventory management.

§ Demonstrated experience in hiring, training, empowering and mentoring employees.

§ Capacity to foster productive relations and communicate ideas, thoughts and direction in client and group meetings.

§ Strong leadership, sound judgment, and superior decision-making, problem-solving and follow up skills.  Ability to resolve operational and sales conflicts and challenges.

§ Excellent guest service skills. Ability to respond to handle difficult or stressful situations with tact and diplomacy.  Exercise confidentiality with hotel and guest data.

§ Adheres strictly to confidentiality agreements and other policies and procedures provided by the company and appropriate for the region.

§ Strong understanding and appreciation of the concept of luxury and hospitality.


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